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Alterations Service

I offer an excellent alteration service, on day wear and special occasion wear.

Waists and side seams taken in or let out. Trouser, skirt and dress hems shortened. Necklines, sleeves and seam lines re-styled.

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Wedding Dresses

I alter many wedding dresses. Today many designer dresses are bought on eBay at a fraction of the original cost and brides bring them to me for alterations to suit.

The two most popular alterations are shortening hems and taking in bodices and side seams. These alterations are not a problem and are straightforward.

Dresses covered with beading and lace, are more intricate as the lace and beads have to be removed and re-sewn back on again once the alterations have been done.

It is more difficult to let out a dress, as stitch marks are left either side of the original seam line and there may not always enough fabric in the seam to let out. It is better to get a dress that is too big rather than too small for this reason.

This picture shows a lace up back that I put in a bodice that was too small.

Most hems can be easily shortened. Lace hems on skirts and sleeves can be shortened by removing lace at the hem and replacing it further up blending it in perfectly with the rest of the lace.

I also can remove, shorten, or add sleeves, add or take away straps. Re-shape necklines, add or take away collars and add any kind of sash, bow or belt or beading.

Vintage and heirloom wedding dresses are very popular. These can be repaired, altered or re-styled without losing the original look.

General Alterations

I also alter and restyle day dresses, evening, prom dresses and bridesmaids' dresses.

In this example, Victoria's evening dress has been taken in around bust, let out on the hips, the hem shortened and long train removed at the back.

Is there any alteration that you cannot do?

It is rare for me to refuse to do an alteration. I will always endeavour to alter anything if it is possible! If a garment is in poor condition, too small with no seam allowance or matching fabric it may not always be possible. If special machinery is needed I may not be able to help.

Is there any alteration you will not do?

I do not alter or make curtains. The reason? Just that I really hate doing them!

What alterations do you do?

Many people have favourite dresses or outfits languishing in their wardrobe that never gets worn. Maybe the fit isn't what it used to be. Maybe fashion has left it behind. You could possibly give it a new lease of life by updating it, adjusting it to fit the new you, or by replacing that irritating broken zip.

Resurrecting old favourites is often far cheaper than replacing with new, and will make better use of wardrobe space!

I can take in and let out seams of dresses, jackets and bodices, lift shoulders, shorten hems and sleeves. Restyling and remodelling necklines, hemlines, sleeves, skirts, and bodices.

I also alter and take up ladies' and men's trouser hems - a job that I am frequently asked to do.

I am always happy to look at and give quotations on any alterations.


How much does it cost for alterations?

It is impossible to give quotations without seeing the garment first.

Price depends on the time it will take for me to do the alteration.

What seems to be an easy alteration can be a little more complex if there are many layers of fabric to unpick and re-sew. Once I have seen the garment on, I can give a written quotation.

For more information please call me on 01892 680077 or fill in the contact form on the 'about me' page