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Is there any alteration that you cannot do?

It is rare for me to refuse to do an alteration. I will always endeavour to alter anything if it is possible! If a garment is in poor condition, too small with no seam allowance or matching fabric it may not always be possible. If special machinery is needed I may not be able to help.

Is there any alteration you will not do?

I do not alter or make curtains. The reason? Just that I really hate doing them!

What alterations do you do?

I can take in and let out seams of dresses, jackets and bodices, lift shoulders, shorten hems, and sleeves. Restyling and remodelling necklines, hemlines, sleeves, skirts, and bodices. I will also replace zips and fasteners to give a favourite outfit a new lease of life.

I am always happy to look at and give quotations on any alterations.

How much does it cost for alterations?

It is impossible to give quotations without seeing the garment first.

Price depends on the time it will take for me to do the alteration.

What seems to be an easy alteration can be a little more complex if there are many layers of fabric to unpick and re-sew. Once I have seen the garment on, I can give a written quotation.

How long does it take?

Alterations usually take between one and four weeks from the date of fitting, depending on the time of year. Between October and February are the quietest months!

How do I pay for my alterations?

Payment can be made by bank transfer, pay pal, cheque or cash. Cheques must be cleared before goods are taken away.

Payment for alterations are payable once the item is finished and you are happy with the result.

Do you do home visits?

Only if you are unable to travel to me and live in Tunbridge Wells or Southborough.

My studio and workroom have been specially built and equipped for my work. There is free off street parking outside!