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How I Worked

I like to work closely with all my clients. Together we decided exactly what was needed. We took into account the budget, suitability of the design and colour to suit the client and also the occasion and where the outfit was being worn so we achieved the perfect result..

Made to measure bridesmaids' dresses, special occasion wear and prom dresses

Firstly I found out exactly was wanted by my client. Together we worked out a design and I did a sketch.


Fabrics were chosen from my huge range of sample books. The most popular fabrics were silk dupions and satins, or washable and less expensive polyester prints or duchess satins. All came in many different colours.

I was happy to make up clients' own fabric if they wish.

I gave a price quotation for fabrics and making up charge. This included all fittings and adjustments with no hidden charges.

A plan was worked out for measuring, fittings and a pick up date.

If the dress was complicated, or made in an expensive fabric, a cotton mock up (a toile) was made of the dress.

If the dress was a simple cut it was made out of the finished fabric and pinned to fit. This helped to keep costs down.

There was usually one toile fitting (if needed) and/or two fabric dress fittings before the outfit was ready to take away.